Free emoticons, winks and more for MSN, Yahoo or AIM



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Ok, you are using MSN (Windows Live Messenger), Yahoo or AIM for hours and you are tired of those winks and sounds included. It's time to refresh your IM stuff and SweetIM is the application you need.

Winks, Emoticons, Audibles, Sound FX,... a lot of fun in this application which will be seamlessly integrated in your IM client and doesn't interfere with it.

Your conversations will not be the same, this funny stuff will add a funny touch to your chat sessions. Express yourself in a creative way.

Furthermore, SweetIM enhances Internet Explorer browser by placing a new toolbar that allows to add favorite icons and emoticons to any web based application including web based email such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Web Forums, Blogs and more.

Be careful, during the installation you'll have to uncheck the adware or it will change your browser homepage to SweetIM.

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